Beginner to Elite

We can promise you this, you will never get bored! Our constantly varied programming will provide you with all the variety you need and keep you coming back. Forget spending hours in the gym. Instead, each day a workout will be provided for you that is scalable to suit your fitness level.


Full, 60 minute classes that combine strength with cardiovascular endurance. These classes will test your abilities, no matter what your skill level, experience or age. Always a crowd-pleaser and constantly varied, jump in and hold on! Our coaches are attentive, supportive and always ensure the movements and weight are adjusted for your comfort level. These classes are the core of what we do at CrossFit Waldwick, and are offered 6 days a week, starting at 5:30 am on Monday and ending the week in the 9:15 am class on Saturday mornings. We incorporate 6-8 week strength cycles and typically have a social gathering to commemorate the end of the cycle and celebrate member success!


Offered throughout the weekends, these classes will typically involve less technical movements or heavy barbell lifting, and focus on spending at least 45 minutes moving and improving cardiovascular endurance and stamina. Movements focus on running, biking, rowing, plyometrics and light-moderate weight dumbbell / barbell movements. Please note, you do not have to have endurance to try Endurance! We all are on our own path and we are happy to meet you where you are in your fitness journey. These classes tend to be well-received from members that are new to strength training, but want to participate in the community, have fun and GET FIT!

Strength & Conditioning

Offered early on Saturdays, this class will provide a combination of dumbbell and barbell strength, focused on improving form and confidence in your lifts, and maybe even a little sweat! These classes are typically smaller in size to allow for personalized attention in these technical classes. Lifts that we focus on can include the snatch, clean and jerk, deadlift, press, squat (back, front, overhead), and bench press. We will focus on the proper warm-up and form, work on the components of these lifts individually, and train them in waves, cycles and complexes. Classes will tend to run a bit over the standard hour, so plan ahead!

Mobility Classes

This class if focused on stretching for recovery and performance. Mobility class has a yoga flow segment and also utilizes blocks, bands, boxes and other equipment to mobilize, stretch and strengthen ancillary muscles that we use all week. There is also a very clear focus on core strengthening exercises, the benefits of which will cross-over into any other class. Mobility is offered on Sunday mornings, which members find is a nice way to end the week, prepare for the week ahead, and restore their body and mind over the weekend. We cannot overstate the importance of doing this accessory work!

Personal Training

One-on-one training with our professionally licensed coaches tailored to your specific goals, and around your availability! These sessions can be utilized exclusively (you do not need to be a class member), or used to supplement your membership by building confidence and strength in your weaknesses outside of class. Our personal trainers will work to understand your goals and limitations, and will build a program to help you get to that next level. Let our personal training be your secret weapon! We have flexible session commitments ranging from 1-30 sessions, there is no need to feel pressure to make a big commitment up-front.


Our in-house nutrition coaches are experienced, thoughtful and motivated to help you reach your goals. With a focus on balancing nutrition with activity levels for optimal training and results, you’ll never feel deprived or unable to sustain these lifestyle changes! Offerings range from high-level meal planning with a focus on whole foods and balanced nutrients, all the way to one-on-one nutrition coaching for 3, 6, or 12 months. You don’t need to take class everyday to take advantage of the offerings and see our coaches; they are fully capable to cater to your remote needs if life gets in the way or you’re traveling for work!